The 3D iTero Digital Scanner

Our practice is equipped with the cutting-edge iTero IntraOral Digital Scanner. This scanner enables us to diagnose and plan treatments with increased accuracy, and provides a better experience for our patients.

How does the iTero Scanner work?

The iTero Scanner uses a small handheld wand to take thousands of images of your smile in a matter of seconds. We don’t need any bite moulds to create a fully-accurate 3D model of your smile - and create your customised treatment programme. With this digital model, Dr Patel will also be able to show you what your smile will look like after treatments.

iTero Scanner

Why we choose the iTero Scanner for our patients

We believe in using the best technology has to offer to increase the comfort, accuracy, and efficiency of our patents’ treatments. With our state-of-the-art iTero Scanner, our patients enjoy:

  • Faster appointment times - The 3D scans provide immediate records.
  • Custom treatments - Using the scans, we can create a treatment tailored to your exact smile needs - which in turn speeds up your treatment time!
  • A more comfortable experience – The iTero Scanner is mess-free and doesn’t require uncomfortable bite moulds.

iTero Scanner

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iTero Scanner

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