Replacement retainers with Retainers 4 Life

Retainer 4 life

Smartdontics is delighted to now be working with Retainers 4 Life. It is just one way that we make sure we can always give you the very best orthodontic treatment experience.

Retainer wear is essential following any orthodontic treatment. Now patients of Smartdontics can order one online for the first time (see item details for full information).

Smile with confidence for longer with Smartdontics and Retainers 4 Life!

Order your replacement retainers

Who are Retainers 4 Life?

Retainers 4 Life aim to “provide patients with a quick, simple and affordable way of ordering new retainers direct to their home”. The company delivers new retainers straight to your door, supporting dentists’ recommendations to replace retainers regularly to avoid bacterial build up.

Retainers 4 Life therefore provide you with a new retainer exactly when you need it most, protecting your smile and your oral health for longer! Plus, it couldn’t be more convenient for you!

Retainers 4 life

What are the benefits?

For anyone who has completed orthodontic treatment and wishes to keep their beautiful smile, the service from Retainers 4 Life offers several benefits:

  • You always have the retainers you need to prevent your teeth from moving back
  • It’s super convenient with products delivered to your door
  • You don’t need to do anything – your Smartdontics Orthodontist works with Retainers 4 Life to make your customised retainers every time
  • No need for additional dental appointments
  • You can use your new upper and/or lower retainers every 3, 6 or 12 months
  • It’s quick, simple and affordable
  • You have total peace of mind

Retainers 4 life

Spread the cost

Need more financial flexibility?

Retainers 4 Life offer payments using Klarna. You can pay in 3 interest-free instalments to spread the cost of your retainers.

It just makes looking after your smile that much easier and more affordable!

Retainers 4 life

Why wear retainers at all?

As your Smartdontics Orthodontist will have explained to you, retainers are crucial in keeping your smile straight and healthy for longer. The devices are custom-made just for your mouth and must be worn regularly to stop the teeth from moving back to where they used to be.

This means you can enjoy the confidence your stunning smile gives you for years to come. It also protects the investment of time and money you made in your smile and your health by undergoing treatment in the first place.

Retainers 4 life

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