Teeth whitening treatment

Not every patient that comes to our practice requires orthodontic treatment. For some, a course of teeth whitening treatment is all that is needed to enhance their smile. At SmartDontics®, we can help you get the brightening results you are looking for.

Our BlancOne Whitening solutions

At SmartDontics®, we use BlancOne Whitening, which is one of the best performing teeth whitening methods available. Watch the video on this page for more information. Even though the results are impactful, BlancOne Whitening treatment is gentle on your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Benefits of teeth whitening treatment

Our teeth whitening treatment at SmartDontics® is great for our patients because it provides:

  • Fast treatment results
  • The ability for use from the comfort of home
  • A safe procedure with no long-term effects
  • Visibly brighter teeth
  • An appearance boost without the need for braces

Teeth Whitening

How it works

You don't have to worry about interrupting your treatment with Smartdontics - BlancOne Whitening can be used in conjunction with other orthodontic treatments. Whitening treatment might be the finishing touch you need on your treatment journey.

Teeth Whitening

Is teeth whitening treatment safe?

Our BlancOne teeth whitening treatment is an extremely safe procedure. It is one of the best teeth whitening systems on the market, and is suitable for the majority of our patients.

Teeth Whitening

What causes tooth discolouration?

Some people have darker teeth because of genetics. However, over time, our teeth can become stained by smoking or drinking tea, coffee and red wine. Teeth whitening treatment can help to remove these stains and give your smile a brighter, more beautiful look.

Teeth Whitening

Experience your brightest smile

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Teeth Whitening

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