VPro+ speeding up your orthodontic treatment

For just 5 minutes a day, you can use the VPro+ high frequency vibrating device to speed up your treatment time by up to 50%! This hands-free device provides our patients with a more comfortable and efficient treatment at SmartDontics®.

How does the VPro+ work?

The VPro+ is a clinically proven way to speed up orthodontic treatment. Using high frequency vibrations, the hands-free device encourages your teeth and jaw to move into proper alignment. The VPro+ is easy and comfortable to use. Simply bite down gently on the device while wearing your aligners. There is no need to bite or clench any harder than as needed to support the device. The VPro+ will slowly ramp up to full vibration and will automatically shut off after just 5 minutes.


Benefits of the VPro+ device

  • Faster treatment - VPro+ can cut your overall treatment time by up to 64% with just 5 minutes of daily use.
  • Increased comfort - Because your teeth will move more easily, there will be less resistance to your orthodontic treatment, and less soreness for you.
  • Easy use - VPro+ does all the work for you. All you have to do is turn it on! What's more, it comes with a handy wireless charger and travelling case.
  • Hands-free - Once you insert the device into your mouth, you don’t need to hold it. That frees up your hands for other things like cooking, homework, or your favourite hobby.


Cut your treatment time in half with VPro+

Find out if the VPro+ could speed up your straight smile results. Ask us about it at your free consultation.

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