Dental hygienist consultation

The best orthodontic treatment begins with a good oral hygiene routine. Our dental hygienist can help make sure you smile is in shape to start orthodontic treatment.

Maintain a healthy smile with braces

If you are undergoing treatment with braces or aligners, you may be more prone to certain dental issues such as decalcification or gingivitis. This is because orthodontic appliances can trap plaque and make it more difficult to maintain your oral health. But, with or without braces, proper oral hygiene is an essential part of preventing tooth and gum disease.

Hygienist Consultation

The role of our hygienist

At SmartDontics®, we tailor hygiene advice and support to each one of our patients. This may include interdental cleaning instructions, dietary counseling, customised brushing techniques, or a modified appointment schedule. Everything we do, we do to improve your treatment experience with us.

Hygienist Consultation

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A consultation with our hygienist can equip you with all the techniques you need to keep your teeth healthy during treatment. To book a consultation with Diana, contact us today.

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Hygienist Consultation

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