Smile Like An Angel

Embrace orthodontic innovation with Angel Aligners – the transparent, snug, and easy solution for achieving the angelic smile you've always envisioned. Say farewell to the era of metallic braces; welcome the future of smile enhancement with Smartdontics and Angel Aligners.

Unveiling Angel Aligners

Angel Aligners are tailor-made, detachable clear orthodontic devices designed to gently guide your teeth to their correct alignment gradually. With more than twenty years of research and development backing them, Angel Aligners have successfully transformed numerous smiles, making them a trusted choice in orthodontic care.

Unveiling Angel Aligners

How Angel Aligners Work

Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence, precise computer simulations, and their unique self-adjusting material - MasterControl S, Angel Aligner Select delivers a treatment plan meticulously devised by dental experts. Each set of aligners is individually designed to methodically reposition your teeth towards the desired alignment.

Features of Angel Aligners:

  • Nearly invisible for a discreet, natural look
  • Removable for easy eating and drinking
  • Comfortably designed to minimize irritation
  • Flexible scheduling for your convenience
  • Simplifies dental care and hygiene
  • Consistent, reliable results

To learn more about how Smartdontics and Angel Aligners can help you achieve your dream smile, book a free consultation!

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How Angel Aligners Work

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