Angel Aligners

Achieve the angelic smile you've always envisioned with the revolutionary new aligner option on the market: Angel Aligners. These cutting-edge aligners are more discreet and efficient than ever before.

What are Angel Aligners?

Angel Aligners are clear, custom trays that slot over your teeth a bit like sports guards. These aligners have a special frosted and anti-reflective surface that makes them exceptionally discreet, so no one needs to know you're having orthodontic treatment.

Angel Aligners are hand trimmed and polished for increased comfort. They are also removable, so you don’t need to adjust your meals, dental hygiene habits or routine during treatment.

Unveiling Angel Aligners

How toAngel Aligners Work?

Angel Align treatment uses a proprietary ‘7+3’ dual aligner system. The first type of aligner provides a gentle continuous force on your teeth and is worn for seven. Then, you wear a second, stiffer aligner for three days that provides more control over tooth movement.

This special system makes your treatment more efficient and can significantly decrease your treatment time. Each set of aligners is shaped a bit differently, and will slowly guide your teeth into alignment. Just switch to a new aligner at home when we tell you to!

How Angel Aligners Work

Benefits of Angel Aligners

Our patients enjoy Angel Aligners because they are:

  • Discreet: The light-diffusing material of Angel Aligners makes them virtually invisible when worn.
  • Efficient: The dual aligner system can greatly reduce your time spent in treatment.
  • Comfortable: Angel Aligners are made from smooth plastic that is hand-trimmed and polished for a comfortable fit.
  • Versatile: Angel Aligners can be used to treat even complex orthodontic issues.
  • Removable: You can take your aligners out for meals and important events as needed.

Treatment for Adults

Smile like an Angel

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